Our Students

Pastoral Care

Canning Vale Primary School staff work diligently to create a safe and nurturing environment that provides students the opportunity to flourish. All staff members provide pastoral care and ensure the provision of proactive and reactive support measures address the holistic wellbeing of each student.

The safety and positive health and wellbeing of all students is the foundation upon which students have the opportunity to achieve their potential. The development of each student is seen as a whole and social emotional wellbeing is as important as academic learning and physical health when considering the pre-requisites for a motivated and positive learner.

The beliefs about teaching and learning at Canning Vale Primary School provide a strong consistent understanding of what it takes to support each child to achieve their potential. Many aspects of our school environment supports students to feel safe and secure with a real sense of belonging and trust.

A range of programs and strategies also exist to support social and emotional development and wellbeing.

We have also offer pastoral support through our school chaplain. This service is provided to further support students and the wider school community. Our chaplain opens her room each lunch time for students to enjoy as well as facilitates well-being programs, and supports students and staff to create a caring, and inclusive well-being environment within the school.

Our chaplain can be accessed by students during break times, in specific programs, or through their class teacher. She is also available to offer individual support, with informed parental consent.

In addition our school has a mental health and well-being coordinator and a protective behaviours coordinator to support our staff in delivering a strong pastoral care program in ensuring students’ health and well-being are being considered in all we do.