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Chaplaincy Service

Canning Vale Primary School employs the services of a School Chaplain three days a week. As a non-teaching member of staff, our Chaplain provides support across a wide range of issues including anxiety, anger, feeling overworked, self-esteem, identity, conflict resolution, assertive behaviours, protective behaviours, grief and loss, parenting and communication and navigating the COVID-19 Pandemic in the school context.

CVPS’ Chaplaincy service works in a variety of ways to consistently connect social/emotional practice across the school. This includes:

  • Providing a safe inviting space for daily individual or small group Pastoral contact with students, including opening the Chaplain room each lunchtime.
  • Assisting in classroom programmes aimed at promoting social/emotional wellbeing, resilience, friendship skills, self-regulation and positive social behaviours.
  • Assisting families connecting with the school and building rapport through provision of pastoral care and support: (Personal, parenting, child concerns, school concerns).
  • Regular submissions in the school online newsletter covering values topics relevant to the school community: Chaplaincy, wellbeing, mental health and self-care.
  • Regular presentations at staff meetings in collaboration with the Protective Behaviours Co-ordinator to promote staff health, wellbeing and self-care, school mental/emotional health and Protective Behaviours.
  • Co-facilitating parent/caregiver Protective Behaviour workshops.
  • Remaining an active member on the school’s Mental Health Action Team.
  • Offering pastoral care and support to all members of staff: (personal, workplace, student concerns).
  • Promoting the Chaplaincy programme at CVPS through the school’s involvement in the YouthCARE.

Canning Vale has an unwavering commitment to providing strong pastoral care for our school community and therefore, continues to place significant value on our current Chaplaincy programme.