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Crunch and Sip

Crunch&Sip break is a set break for students to eat fruit or salad vegetables and drink water in the classroom. Canning Vale Primary School has introduced Crunch&Sip to support students to establish healthy eating habits whilst at school.


All students and teachers at Canning Vale Primary School enjoy a Crunch&Sip break and eat fruit or vegetables and drink water in the classroom every day.


The objectives of the Crunch&Sip break are to:

  • increase awareness of the importance of eating fruit or vegetables and drinking water every day.
  • enable students, teachers and staff to eat fruit or vegetables during an allocated Crunch&Sip break in the classroom.
  • encourage students, teachers and staff to drink water throughout the day in the classroom, during break times and at sports, excursions and camps.
  • encourage parents to provide students with fruit or vegetables every day.
  • develop strategies to help students who don’t have regular access to fruit and vegetables.



  • All fresh fruit is permitted however it is encouraged to stick away from juicy or ‘messy’ fruit as generally the students are working and eating at the same time.
  • Fruit canned in water, juice or no added sugar is permitted (e.g. peach slices), again this may be more tricky to eat and work at the same time.
  • Fruit canned with artificial sweeteners added is not permitted. Artificial sweeteners are not recommended for children.
  • Dried fruit is permitted, although, fresh fruit or vegetables is the first choice because dried fruit contains high concentration of natural sugar and it tends to cling to teeth, increasing risk of tooth decay (e.g. sultanas)


  • All fresh vegetables are permitted (e.g. celery, carrot sticks, broccoli bits etc.)


  • Only plain water is to be consumed in the classroom.

Foods not permitted at the designated Crunch&Sip break:

  • All other foods
  • All other drinks (including waters with added vitamins, minerals, or carbonates) are not permitted including:
    • Fruit juice or fruit juice drink
    • Fruit cordial or mineral waters
    • Vegetable juices