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Our History

The original name of the school was Jandakot North, which opened 4 June 1913 and was renamed Canning Vale in December 1914. The address was Canvale Place (formerly Nicholson Court, Canning Vale) where Canning Vale Gardens are now situated.

In the 1980’s a fire occurred which damaged one of the classrooms. The school was closed on the 18 December 1987. The acting principal at the time was Mr Andrew Bramley. When the school closed down Mr Bramley managed to save some priceless artefacts, namely the smoke damaged Australian flag and the old school bell. It would be 7 years until a new school would be build for the local area.

The new Canning Vale Primary School was opened in February, 1994. Mr Bramley presented these two items to our school when it opened. The flag is on display in the library with a photograph of Mr Bramley. The bell, which was used to start and end the day prior to electric sirens being introduced, is now used in our “Ringing of the Bell Ceremony” for the graduating children at the end of each year. Since 1994, every graduating student has rung the bell as their final act at Canning Vale Primary School. Ringing of the bell has become quite a tradition here, thanks to Mr Bramley saving the bell.

Fittingly, Mr Bramley transferred to our school in 2003. He made an immediate impact with the students and the staff. Mr Bramley was a man of high integrity and values and he initiated the Citizenship Awards to be awarded to deserving students. They have become a highly prized award. After his passing in 2007, the staff unanimously agreed to change the name of these awards to the “Andrew Bramley Citizenship Award” in his honour.

Although there are now 4 other primary schools in Canning Vale, the ‘original’ Canning Vale Primary School continues to hold a special place in the tapestry of the area as it was there from the beginning, just as houses were being build and before the community begun to establish to what we now know it to be… a thriving, multi-cultural suburb in the Perth Metropolitan area.