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Our Values

Strong Hearts, Strong Minds, Strong Community

We believe in educating the whole child.

Strong Hearts: Who our students are as a people matters. We want to positively influence their hearts. To be kind and caring, courageous and passionate about doing good in the world. To want to be a difference and make a difference in the world. The foundation we set at CVPS to ensure our students are good people matters and we take our responsibility in this space very seriously.

Strong Minds: We want to ensure our students reach their academic potential. We believe that all children are different and unique, but that all require the foundations of a good, solid education to be successful in life. A strong mind means students will have access to a quality education, where progress is the aim of the game. For children to continue to be pushed and challenged to be the very best they can each be.

Strong Community: We know we can’t do this alone. A strong connection with parents, caregivers and the local community is so important. We value the opportunity to work closely with each family to ensure our students know there is a strong bond between home and school and that the school, the home and the child are all on the journey together.